IMP Scale Algorithms used to obtain VPs
wef Jan 2013
VP scale
"continuous" 2 decimal places
  wef Jan 2013
old VP Scale VP scale of 20   no decimals
wef Jan 2013
VP scale of 25   no decimals
wef Jan 2013
Teams-of-4 Scoresheet (pdf) Table of all duplicate scores How do they break?
Record that hand! Convention Cards Appeal Form
24-Individual Movements 4 table Individual Movement 5/7/11/13 table Individual Movement
10-table Indy
table cards | personals
BAM Scoresheet (pdf) Shortboard Teams movements

Tools to assist you in running a Pairs event

Howell Movement
Howell Movement
Howell Movement
Howell Movement
Pitfalls in running a Mitchell movement Arrow-Switching to obtain 1 winner in Mitchells
Traveller for computer scoring (numbered) (PDF) Traveller for computer scoring (unnumbered) (PDF) Personal pairs slips
Zipfile of various movements primarily for running Sims events (100K in total) Other Howell movements here: