TD Workshops by Sid Ismail

Commenced March 2022

The format of these workshops will be "Simulations" on Zoom where you the TD will be faced with life-like situations. Your job will then be to consult the law books and give a ruling as clearly and as short as possible, citing the law numbers. This is the best way to learn the laws of bridge, in my humble opinion.

Date Topics Notes References
15 March Laws 23, 26-34 Workshop 1     Solution 1 Law 23     Law 26     Law 72c
19 April How would you rule - Part 1 Workshop 2     Solution 2 Conventions Control     1NT     Roman Signals
17 May How would you rule - Part 2 Workshop 3     Solution 3 Logical Alternative?     Nice Law Book Guide!     Hesitations - advice to players
21 June Verious situations Workshop 4     Solution 4 Duplicate Bridge Rules Simplified