Tip 5: "Be alert at all times"

This declarer lost sight of the fact that the clubs were good, and was preparing for -2! The club suit was important on this hand, so extra attention must be devoted to spotting the honours (and the 10) that are played. If you did, you would overtake the 8 with the 9, and make 10 tricks, in the lucky 4-2 fit!

This pair got lucky when North was allowed to bid 3 and then reach the safe haven of 3NT. Use the LAW in these situations - West must raise the ante with a bid of 3, putting enormous pressure on North. Many got to 4 this way!   Of course, South is at fault here in doubling, instead of announcing 2NT. There is a time to ask and a time to tell.

This South preferred 3 instead of 2NT. North must realise that an overcall at the 3-level shows a strong hand and should bid the game, relieving partner of any tension in deciding whether game or part-score was correct. As the cards lie, you make 12 tricks on the expected S-lead!

My tip to you: Bridge can become an easy game, providing you remain alert and make the most logical decision at all times.