How many tricks?

June 2020

I run FREE Individual Tournaments on BBO each Saturday and Sunday, starting 2pm sharp. For South Africans and friends only. Hosted by "Newmoon".

This hand cropped up during previous Sunday's session wherein I was partnered with a Lady (name blotched out for fear of my life.) The sweet thing made her 10 tricks in 4 without breathing hard. At the end of the round, when percentages are posted, I was surprised to find that we got exactly 0% for the hand!! Huh? As a playing TD I wasn't paying much attention to the play. Later I scrutinised the hand and decided to use it for a quiz.

You will have the privilege of seeing all 4 hands. The lead was the stiff Q by East.

QUIZ: How many tricks would YOU make? Explain please.


Posted June 2020