How many tricks?

June 2020

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This hand cropped up during previous Sunday's session wherein I was partnered with a Lady (name blotched out for fear of my life.) The sweet thing made her 10 tricks in 4 without breathing hard. At the end of the round, when percentages are posted, I was surprised to find that we got exactly 0% for the hand!! Huh? As a playing TD I wasn't paying much attention to the play. Later I scrutinised the hand and decided to use it for a quiz.

You will have the privilege of seeing all 4 hands. The lead was the stiff Q by East.

QUIZ: How many tricks would YOU make? Explain please.


As soon as dummy appears it is always a good idea to take stock, then develop a plan of action.

With the looming heart ruff that is threatening we need to draw trumps fast, so we win the top heart in dummy, then we play on trumps finding Q-10 tight on our right. That was fortuitous and we draw a third round as well. Now what?

We look around for tricks and our gaze stops with the heart suit of course.   We play a heart to the king and see East show out. Another piece of good liuck, as we have a ruffing-finesse against righty's J.   We continue with the 10 and duly ruff out the knave.   Finally, we hop over to the A and collect three good hearts and throw off two clubs and a diamond.   Making all thirteen!

In the event, my sweet partner took the trump knave finesse, then the club finesse!   In this cold weather she suffered a severe bout of finessitis. Shame.

Congratulations to solvers Peter Callaghan, Pete Powers and Mike Potgieter!

Posted June 2020