Another Double-Dummy problem

Apr 2020

The contract is 6D from West.

The S3 is led. South takes the SA, of course.

Quiz: What happens now if South returns (at trick 2) -
  1. a spade
  2. a heart
  3. a diamond
  4. a club

Explain please.


At trick 2 South has options. If he returns...

  1. Spade:   Simply ruff the spade with the lone trump in dummy, A, draw, and claim.
    Two spades and a club will go on the top 3 clubs. This one was easy.

  2. Heart:   Also easy... Win the ace, ruff a spade, back to hand with a heart-ruff, draw and claim.
    Essentially like the above (spade return).

  3. Diamond   We look at the ceiling for inspiration and then we make 12 tricks by.... winning the diamond in hand and running ALL the diamonds but one and cashing the A.   We finally come down to this ending:

  4. Club: Win the club, heart to the ace, ruff a spade, cash two high clubs (discarding the two spades), ruff a heart high, draw and claim.

In each case 6 makes but the squeeze that materialises after South returns a trump is most elegant.

Congratulations to James Nunes and Peter Callaghan on this one!

Posted Apr 2020