Tough Double-Dummy problem

Nov 2019

"Double-Dummy" = You can look at all 4 hands, play accordingly, but assume best defense.

W     N     E     S
1NT   2H    3D*   P     *Forcing 
3S    P     5C    P
P     P

North leads the A. You ruff.

QUIZ: Try and make 5.


Make ALL your trumps separately.

You ruffed the lead, now spade to hand and ruff another heart. Then play K - A (North cannot ruff) and play the Q, discarding a spade when North covers!

Simply cross-ruff after that.   All in all, you make 1 spade + 2 diamonds + 8 trumps!

Tip: Do not let South in (to play trumps).

It would be impossible to make this at the table single-dummy, as first instinct is to draw then set up the diamonds.

Posted Nov 2019