From the Cavendish

Mar 2019

This hand was played by the Dutch pair Verhees and van Prooijen, who led most of the way in the Pairs.

They reached 6NT and we kibitzers can see that the spades do not break 3-3, nor does the J drop in 3. Furthermore, the club finesse goes off. Yet 6NT made, and there was nothing the opponents could do to stop it! Witness -

Played from the North side, East leads a small diamond, away from the ace! The 10 wins and a diamond is returned. East grabs the ace and switches to a baby spade.

QUIZ: Can you see how 6NT was made?


Declarer won the Q, cashed the K and hopped over to the A and tried the A - Q but no knave appeared. He came back to hand with the K (no 3-3 break) then played the J. This was the position now -

Declarer now advanced the K in this 4-card ending.

Declarer played the A - K in quick succession, not caring who had the club queen!
+990 gave them +278 IMPs (large IMP Pairs competition)

A perfect textbook double-squeeze materialised.

Bulletins and results are here:

Posted Mar 2019