From the Cavendish

Feb 2019

This hand comes from the Pairs competition. N-S incidentally finished in top 4 spots in the Teams and thus are no fools.

A word about the bidding:

East's first double specifically showed a heart suit (1H bid would be a spade suit) and West confirms a fit with 2H. North, having overcalled 1D already, now doubles 2H. This is takeout showing tolerance for the unbid suits (the blacks). Slightly aggressive yes but at this stage of the auction he was hoping to compete for the part-score. East bids 4H. This is cold since the CQ is marked on the bidding.

South awakes and takes stock of the bidding thus far. "Hmmm partner has a good hand and is probably void in hearts, we have a decent fit in spades and partner has bid diamonds first. Surely 4S has a chance here! Or it will be a great save."
Before his hand leaves the 4S bid, West doubles. What transpired is too gruesome for words. PG is advised.

In distributional contracts like this it is right to stop the ruffing power. A trump was thus led - the SK. Ducked. SJ continued and the ace taken. South now played the DA-DK and another diamond. East wins the DQ and on this trick West discards the HJ!
East underleads his A-K-Q of hearts and reaches West with the H10! West draws with the SQ and dummy is truly marooned now.

Suffice to say that South made 5 tricks only, for a loss of 1400!

How it was played:

Bulletins and results are here:

Posted Feb 2019