South American Juniors on VUgraph

I have a passion watching Juniors on VUgraph - whether they are Polish, Dutch, Scandinavian, English, or whatever - they display pure aggressiveness coupled with a sound bidding system mostly. We can learn a great deal from watching them. Take this hand for instance.

It is Love All and West passes. You (North) open 1 and after East passes also,
partner surprises you with a bid of 1 !

Quiz: What do you rebid?

You need to consider what bid will be most useful to partner.

Decide before reading on.


Your options included -

  • 4: You certainly can bid game now. Partner will know you are that good.
  • 4: A splinter raise to 4 showing a singleton or void in clubs.
  • 4: An expert bid that shows a raise to 4 with a good 6x diamond suit with at most 1-loser.

Now the question is: Which bid will be most informative to partner?

In the match between Chile A and Colombia, the Chilean North rebid 4 while the Colombian North chose the splinter 4. Colombia gained 11 IMPs for their troubles. 12 Tricks were cold after both declarers played trump ace and another.

For the record, the leads in each case were a small spade and a small club respectively.

Posted May 2018