Which is better: 4-4 or a 5-4 fit?

Here's a lovely hand to answer the question. It arose in the WorldWide Sims on Friday 3rd June.

Ignoring any bidding by the opponents, what contract is PAR (best result)?

Imagine South leads a trump in 7 by East (best lead) you win the ace and a surprising 10 drops by North. All your trumps are high now!

QUIZ:   How do you continue?


You need to ruff two spades in dummy before drawing! Play a spade to the ace at trick 2 and ruff a spade, trump to hand and ruff your last spade with the last trump in dummy. Back to hand with a diamond, draw the trumps and claim. Easy, eh?   Notice that your losing heart goes on the long diamond.

Now try making 13 tricks if diamonds were the trumps instead?

Here are the makeables -

Our opponents languished in 3NT making 12, but we received an average only. Why? Because the field including us were bidding hearts and with bidding space getting quite crammed, it was nigh impossible to get to the grand in clubs logically. In fact, across the entire field in the world, only one lucky pair scored 2140! Only one!     The traveller is here.

A pretty little hand with a pretty lesson.

Posted June 2016