Lenasia Bridge Club hand

"The boys" get together each Sunday afternoon in Lenasia and we have a great time trying to play good bridge. But, more importantly, we look forward to the eats at the halfway stage! Between the pakoras and samoosas we would be joking about Zuptagate or tease someone about a hand he misplayed terribly in the first half. All in good fun.

Here is a hand that cropped up yesterday, against Hafeez Valley and Aziz, the Maths Professor. My partner Ahmed Patel bid 5, in a typical aggressive Lenasia auction. I waited pensively for dummy to show, all I knew was that Ahmed was short in spades, but what else... ?

Bd 4
Dealer: West
Vul: Both
  K 8 2
  K Q 5
  A 10 8 6 5 3
  A K 9 5 4 3
  A Q 5 4
  7 4 2
  Q 8 2
  9 7 3
  10 9 6 4
  K J 9
    J 10 6
  J 10 6
  A J 8 7 3 2

The Bidding:
W     N     E     S

1S    2C    2S    3D
4S    5D    X     P
P     P

The Play:
Tr 1:  SA    S7    S2    S6
Tr 2:  HA    H2    H3    H6
Tr 3:  HQ    HK    H7    H10   

My mood lifted considerably when the Q made her appearance at trick 3.

QUIZ:   You are booked. How to proceed from here?

You suspect that trumps will break 4-0 for two reasons: West's emphatic 4S bid showed a distributional hand and East's prompt double. You can ruff 2 spades in dummy but that will be with an honour and East's trumps will be elevated to trick-taking status then. If only dummy had a 4th trump...   Can we ruff spades and trump-coup East? Maybe we can ram the clubs through East and still catch his 10-9 with our A-J. Since there is nothing else to try, we cash the A at trick 4 and we ruff a club. Next, a small trump to the king and this exposes the trump situation. We ruff another club and we are relieved that the clubs broke 3-3. Now for the trump coup.

We cash the J then ruff the 10 with the 5 and we play the 10 in this layout -

  10 8 6
  K 9 5
  10 9 6
  A J 8

West: "You doubled, partner?"

North: "I knew my clubs would prove useful"

East: "Well played!"

Posted March 2016