An expensive bidding error

I decided to watch my good friend Tony Truluck play in a teams match on BBO and this hand came soon after.

First, let me set it as a quiz:

Love all. East is dealer and passes. You are South and next to speak.   Here is your hand as well as the bidding to date -

You decide to open a weak 2 in diamonds.

QUIZ: What do you bid now?

To rephrase the quiz: Do you pass meekly or do you double, with surely a real chance of beating this slam?

What actually happened?

Our nameless South doubled and was hoping for a good windfall. Pass - Pass - to Tony, who now converted to 6NT!   Needless to mention, South doubled again.

Tony deep-finessed the hearts and would have made an overtrick except for the fact that the A was initially led.

These proved to be costly doubles as 6 was always going to be defeated.

Posted January 2016