Due to the Corona virus, the club has been closed since May 2020.

It's official!   We will kick-off playing face-to-face on Wednesday 6th April 2022!

Start time is 13h30 (unchanged) - please report to the starter's desk by 13h15.

Finally we can have real FUN again!

Click here for the venue address

Playing online at BridgeBase (BBO)

The "Benoni Online Club" will continue to host tournaments online. Wednesdays at 14h00 and Fridays at 14h30.

Of course, since we are starting vis-a-vis club bridge in April, Wednesdays online will be discontinued.
We are contemplating starting a Monday afternoon pairs game on BBO, if there is sufficient demand.

Our online club details can be found at www.elsid.co.za/bbo/

Inquiries - call Peter at (082) 3792712 or Sid at (082) 4119900