Event:   Normal Pairs day
22nd April 2013

Board 10 Both Vul - Dealer East  
S  A 9 5            S  K Q J 6 4 3
H  A K J 8          H  -
D  K J 9            D  A 8 7
C  J 10 8           C  A K 3 2

You reach 6 from the East side and South led the 7.

You win the K, cash the Q and North shows out. You thus play a third trump, North discarded a small club and the 7.

You have 12 top tricks but since it is MPs, you search for the best way to make the 13th.

  1. Q comes down in 3;
  2. Q is doubleton;
  3. We can finesse in diamonds if the above two attempts fail;
  4. We can gather info along the way and revise our plan later.

In dummy with the ace of trumps at trick 3, we now play off the A-K-and we ruff a heart, but no queen appears. You "know" that North has the Q since North signalled with the 7 at trick 3, then played 2-5-6 in that order. Of course, we discarded the 2 and 3 from hand on the top hearts.

We try option 2: We cash A-K and no queen appears, but North throws the 10!

We now know that South has the Q and North the Q. How does this help us?

We can claim now with the statement "double squeeze" as our explanation, but we play it out as it is faster, eliminating the lengthy explanation. We now run all our trumps. When the last trump hits the table, the position is -

            S  -
            H  Q
            D  ? x x 
            C  -
S  -                S  4             On the play of the S4, 
H  J                H  -
D  K J              D  A 8 7         South discards a diamond to retain the CQ
C  J                C  -
                                     Dummy now discards the CJ, having served it's purpose
            S  -
            H  -                     North has to keep the HQ and also has to discard a diamond
            D  ? x x                  
            C  Q                     Now DK - DA and the D8 becomes trick 13!!

                                     This way, it didn't matter where the DQ was.

The method above was how pair 28 played it.

As it happens, the DQ was "in the hole" and the straight-forward finesse also yields 13. LOL.